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We are One of the best rock salt suppliers in India

Ansar and Sons company operates as one of the leaders in this field with more than several years of experience in the field of supply and sale of salt.

We at the company try to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way by providing distinctive and high quality services. The development of technology and the use of advanced equipment as one of our advantages has made us able to offer high quality rock salt to our customers at a reasonable price.

We at the company try to support our customers by using our experience in this field and by providing suitable solutions, we accompany them in providing the best quality and price of rock salt. Also, by improving existing processes in the company, we are trying to increase productivity and improve performance. Read more...


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We supply the best rock salt with the highest quality

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Sales and supply of high-quality rock salt

salt rock

Providing transportation, packaging, and storage services for rock salt under suitable conditions

rock salt

Accepting orders for the production and supply of customized orders

Offering consultation and guidance in selecting the right type of rock salt for various uses

Designing and producing custom-made products using rock salt

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Our Product

Our company offers premium Pink Himalayan Salt, sourced from pristine Himalayan Mountains. Known for its distinctive color and rich mineral content, this gourmet salt enhances the flavor of dishes while providing potential health benefits. Elevate your culinary experience with our high-quality Pink Himalayan Salt.

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